This is Halloween, Halloween

We love Halloween over here in this house. No party this year, but we look forward to handing out gobs of sugary treats. We buy bags and bags of candy beforehand, and fill an entire oversized tin popcorn tub with goodies. Our trick-or-treat attendance has grown over the five years we’ve been here, but we … Continue reading

AIM: Revisited

You guys, there is a hysterical Twitter parody account reliving all of our shameful AIM away messages! They were all so hilarious (cat8theredpill here!) that I had to log in to AIM for kicks. Somehow I punched in the right password, and there it was. The buddy list, in all its glory. (What were we … Continue reading

Never As Good The Second Time Around

There was a movie that, as a child, I would watch over and over again. It featured all my favorite dinosaur friends. Little Foot. Ducky. Peeeeetrie. (Points if you just read that in Ducky’s voice.) The Land Before Time was magical to me at the age of 6 or 7. Timing my jump from the … Continue reading

Who Wants to Buy My Instagram Photos?

Have you heard of Instacanvas? It’s basically an online gallery consisting of your personal Instagram photos. Basically, your photos are turned into wall art with a 20 percent “commission.” There’s already Prinstagram, which will turn your photos into teeny stickers (adorable stocking stuffer?) Or Instamaker, which will print your photos onto t-shirts, mugs or postcards. But … Continue reading

Growing Up Without Air Conditioning

Growing up, we didn’t have central air. Never bothered me for the most part, and to this day I’d prefer to have windows open than the stale assault of air after entering a closed up house. There were, of course, those few summer days where the temperatures would soar. We typically spent those days in … Continue reading

The Emotions of Gymnastics

Growing up I was obsessed with gymnastics. I didn’t really understand that you could take classes; we couldn’t really afford such luxuries. Instead, I  would rent books from the library with my best friend Brittany and we would break down the moves in the books, often obsessively into the night in the front yard. I … Continue reading

Moby the Weathervane Sails the High Seas

It’s not often you inherit a weathervane with your home, but I guess it’s even rarer to be the owner of a whale weathervane and not, say, a dumb rusty rooster. We dubbed him Moby, and he faithfully spun around with the breeze, bid us farewell and welcomed us home each day and night. Until … Continue reading

Tell the Wolves I’m Home: Review

2012 has just been an astounding year for book releases, particularly those of first-time authors. (Remember The Night Circus?) Tell The Wolves I’m Home, Carol Rifka Brunt’s debut novel, will leave you speechless at the most unexpected moments. Set in the 1980s, Brunt has crafted her characters to absolute perfection, particularly with the book’s main … Continue reading

Half Birthday

Saturday was my half-birthday, which dawned on boyfriend as we were on our way back from getting morning massages. [Yes I celebrate my half-birthday.] Apt, I know. We made a spontaneous pitstop at Carousel Consignments, two floors filled with, I’ll be frank, a bunch of crap. We wandered through a maze of old tennis rackets, … Continue reading

Childhood Bedtime, or Fireworks

The sound of big wheels outside my window at dusk would send me into a rage as a child. “THE SUN IS STILL UP (barely) THERE ARE STILL KIDS PLAYING OUTSIDE DON’T YOU HEAR THE BIG WHEELS RUMBLING PAST THE HOUSE WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME GO TO … Continue reading